SCEGGS Darlinghurst Yr 9 Girls Take Action

Sceggs Yr 9 gifts

“In our year group we have created a committee who dedicate themselves to helping support the Cambodian teachers and students. We have formed a set of current and future goals. Instead of giving presents within our class and friendship groups, Year 9 at SCEGGS Darlinghurst is giving much-needed school and sporting supplies. We believe it is much more useful and fulfilling donating to the school. Each class has also created a lesson, either a video or an interactive task that will help students improve their English language skills. Some of these classes include simple concepts like shapes, colours and the 5 senses. We hope that in the form of a video, teachers and students will be able to re-use them for future school years to come. The committee has also discussed some possible new goals for next year, so that we can continue to support the schools. We are also excited to raise money for the teacher’s salary next year!” – Year 9 girls

In addition to the above activities the girls in Cheryl Collier’s art class have created an alphabet board to help the kids learn their letters.

Many thanks to all the girls, Bethany Lord (Yr 9 English Teacher and Coordinator), Cheryl Collier (Art Teacher) and Marea Reed (Parent) for making all this possible. We are very excited to continue collaborating with this class into the future, providing more opportunities for the girls to share so many of their talents and skills.